Dry Ice Blasting now available at Leading Edge Detailing!

Dry Ice Blasting now available at Leading Edge Detailing!

car detailing dry ice blasting

detailing using dry ice blasting

Hi all and welcome back to the Leading Edge blog section!

It has been some time since my last post but rest assured I will be getting back into the swing of things as we finalise our new Rozelle workshop!

If you follow our YouTube or Facebook pages you might have noticed that we recently invested in Dry Ice blasting equipment to compliment our current offering and services!

What is Dry Ice Blasting? Videos explain it better however the way I best make sense of it is that dirt, grime, oxidisation is removed physically (not chemically) by abrasion using impact by the force of the crushed dry ice being basted at very high speeds using compressed air.

The fantastic video below from our supplier explains the process perfectly https://coldjet.com.au/


What can dry ice blasting be used for in detailing? To be quite frank I cannot believe this technology is so hidden in this industry! Other than cost of setup being the limiting factor it allows for quick safe cleaning and removal of any surface contamination such as oil, grease, dirt, rust, oxidisation and what ever else you can think of! Curves nooks and crannies are no longer an issue as the cleaning is very versatile easily removing dirt in areas that a brush cannot access. Also due to the force of the dry ice cleaning it can clean to a level that will never be achieved by traditional detailing methods!

Below is a video showing our first job, a beautiful 20 year old Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution TME. The under body now looks amazing!