Leading EdgeDetailing Training

At Leading Edge detailing we know and understand that whilst detailing beautiful cars, bikes and boats for a living is the dream job for any car lover, it is extremely difficult to gain the skills required from a reputable and trusted provider.

This is why we have merged with IGL Coatings Australia to develop Australia's first Online Detailing Academy for both Detailing Training and Application of IGL Ceramic Coatings designed to give you all the knowledge you need at the convenience of your home or work at your own time schedule!

Our training caters for both hobby detailers looking to take their skill set to the next level in establishing their detailing business, detailing skills and coating their own private vehicles as well as beginning and established professional detailers wishing to upskill in order to take their business and performance to the next level.

How To Apply IGL Coatings

How To Apply IGL Coatings

A comprehensive guide to IGL Coatings professional range of nano coatings, how to apply, how to market and how to grow your business! Note: Please discuss certification requirements with your local IGL Reseller as certification requirements may vary country to country

$100 usd /month

Online Detailing Academy

Our online training course currently covers the below and continues to grow:

  • How to establish and market your detailing business
  • Tools and products required
  • How to detail - Interior, Exterior and Paint Correction
  • Application of IGL Kenzo Ceramic Paint Protection
  • Application of IGL Wheel Ceramic Coating
  • Application of IGL Window Ceramic Coating
  • Application of IGL Leather and Fabric Coatings
  • Frequently asked questions of IGL Coatings
  • IGL Tips and Tricks to improve your business and sales results

Our TeachAble school now houses professional online training for both detailing and application of ceramic paint protection!

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