STASH Automotive Storage Facility

In Partnership With LEADING EDGE Car Detailing

STASH is a premium, purpose built automotive storage facility, located in Sydney’s North-West. STASH provide a unique concierge style service and will act as the custodians to your pride and joy, taking the headache out of car ownership in a broad range of capacities from storage, transport, speciality maintenance to consignment and sourcing. The STASH storage experience is seamless and intuitive. Every space is accessed on a single level with no stackers or ramps. Entry and exit points are engineered to ensure the lowest vehicles can come and go with ease. Irrespective of age, value, rarity and storage package, rest assured, your vehicle will be held to the highest standard and treated as their own.

To take advantage of this fantastic and convenient service simply let us know as part of your booking!

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