26 February 2020

Does my car need paint correction? What is paint correction?

Hi all and welcome back to the Leading Edge Car Detailing blog! One of the most commonly asked questions by customers in our business is, does my car need paint correction? What is paint correction? These two key questions often come hand in hand and also help to […]
17 February 2020

Ceramic Paint Protection – Myth busters Fact or Myth find out inside!

Ceramic paint protection, permanent paint protection, glass paint protection, nano coatings, add to that more brands and claims than you can poke a stick at and it becomes clear why so many customers get confused about what these products are and what they actually do in real life! […]
12 February 2020
How to apply IGL poly ceramic coating

How to apply ceramic paint protection like a pro detailer! IGL Poly

Hi all and welcome to Leading Edge Detailing It has been some time since my last blog on this page but now with the new and improved Leading Edge Detailing website as well as the many projects we have close to completion including the amazing IGL Coatings online […]
2 December 2018
ppf lamborghini paint protection film

Paint Protection Film (PPF/Clear Wrap) in video with Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Every now and again we get to work on a fantastic project and not long ago we got our hands on this beautiful Lamborghini Huracan Performante! At one point holding the record for the fastest production car at the Nurburgring, this naturally aspirated V10 beast produces 630hp and […]