Headlight Restoration

Leading Edge
Headlight Restoration - For Only $150 for a standard set of headlights!

Due to the harmful UV rays from the sun and weather, over time headlights tend to turn yellow and/or dull.

Other than impacting the appearance of your car, faded headlights also diminish the intensity of your headlights which is a safety risk to yourself and other drivers.

At Leading Edge Mobile Car Detailing, we can fully restore your headlights back to a clear condition using the below steps:

  • - Wet sanding to remove oxidized plastic layer
  • - Machine Polish to restore gloss shine
  • - Application of UV protection to ensure that headlights remain clear and protected for years to come


Prices quoted are based on small/medium sedans. Additional charges will be incurred for Exotic Vehicles, Large Sedans, SUV's, 4WD's, abnormally dirty vehicles , Vans and Trucks. 20% surcharge applies to Sundays and Public Holidays.